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India - India by Sanjeev Bhaskar

“Historically, the villagers had always expected the support of their maharajah and many still felt the same today; even though they no longer had any power it was felt they had influence and that there was a bond between the families and their local communities that went back hundreds of years. The Maharajah or King of Jodhpur, known locally as Bapj (Respected Father) said in an interview recorded in Sanjeev Bhaskar’s book, India: ‘We don’t have power anymore, but we have some influence. And it is important that we use whatever influence we have to better the condition of our people. The bond between my family and the local community goes back hundreds of years; unlike politicians who move frequently from area to area in pursuit of their careers or if unelected return to private business, I am connected with these people and this earth … thus the people know that we’re not going anywhere.’”

Quote from My India by Valery Collins

Sanjeev Bhaskar was in the sitcom "The Kumars" but in this book we see a different side of him as he travels around India meeting members of his family and also relating the history of the country. It is both humorous and informative and I really enjoyed reading it.

India has a fascinating but complicated history particularly in Rajasthan where the maharajah’s once ruled supreme. During my own travels through this region I stayed in several heritage hotels which were originally residences of this ruling class. Seeing how they used to live at first hand added a new dimension to my travels.

Author: Valery Collins, © 2014