Spirit of the Dolomites

“Some day’s tiny white fluffy clouds scudded playfully around the peaks in a sea of electric blue like waves teasing rocky islands. When long fingers of mist wreathed the lower slopes the spires and steeples above had the appearance of a fairytale castle …”

Although I had vowed never to return to Madonna di Campiglio in the Italian Dolomites following a disastrous first visit, my job took me back many times. Always warmly welcomed by the owner and staff at the Hotel Lorenzetti and the locals, I soon saw beyond the tourist veneer of this smart winter and summer resort.

These are mountain dwellers plunged into the world of commercialism due to the attraction of the stunning mountains that tower above them. This is a story about them and also of a remarkable hotel, told through my adventures in this beautiful area usually accompanied by the hotel dog, the rascal Tabata.

Interwoven in this tale are the ups and downs of being a tour leader taking groups of disparate holidaymakers to this unique place.

And this is what a reader had to say:

“This light hearted read has everything including an extraordinary career change and adventures in the mountains with a mischievous dog. It delves into the legends, history and culture of a unique resort, Madonna di Campiglio, in the Italian Dolomites, all centred on the superb Hotel Lorenzetti whose ‘personality’ comes alive in the pages.

Beautifully written and illustrated with photographs of the area and sketches by a local artist readers will also enjoy an insight into the ups and downs of the life of a Tour Leader accompanying groups on holiday.”

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Author: Valery Collins, © 2013